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First Five Out / Passion Projects


I’m speaking at AGDA First Five Out!

It’s AGDA Victoria Student Council’s first event for 2014 First Five Out, presents an inspiring group of speakers, all sharing experiences from their first five years within the industry. Now in its eleventh year and with a new theme focussing on Passion Projects, this event will take the time to chat about the self-assigned briefs and niggling creative desires that can’t always make it into the day job.(Quoted from AGDA website)

I am truly excited to be speaking this friday but I do have to say scared at the same time. (who likes public speaking?) Well I guess I will know if I do on friday night. So come along there are some amazing people in the mix of speakers so you might just get inspired.

Event Details:
Friday 2nd May
RMIT, Building 80, Level 2, Room 007

This is a free event.
Bookings are essential, RSVP here.

Alice Oehr 
Sharnay Sherratt 
Will McKenzie 
Kit Palaskas 
Bobby Haiqalsyah 
Cat People Magazine 
Julian May (me)
Esther Olsson 

Handy Drawstring Bags


I am pleased to present the Marbled Drawstring bag and the Primary Drawstring Bag.
It’s been a long time coming but they are finally here! (Oh it’s those beautiful backpacks that go with everything I wear)

I am so pleased to finally say that I have finished this project. Not saying this is it no more groovy bag creations, but only the first batch. I have created six of each colour so there are twelve of these babies up for grabs over in my shop.

I have to say the process from start to finish is truly amazing to me, just to think, these were once just a few jars of screen printing paint and some lengths of fabric. One thing that would make me even happier is if these all sell out and I get to create a new batch and maybe some new colour combos?

PUT A FACE ON IT, Paper Craft Workshop


Last Week I held a paper craft workshop called “PUT A FACE ON IT” as you may be able to figure out it was all about creating whatever you wanted but once you have, you chuck a face on it.

It never seems to amaze me how creative kids are, above are a few of my fave creations of the day, love that constipated looking banana!

This week coming I have an easter workshop so stay tuned for some more easter creations from some very talented kids!

Miss Fortune & Space Unicorn


Say Hello to Miss Fortune & Space Unicorn

It has been a while since I have created some new work for The Club of Odd Volumes so I decided to create some fun new illustrations for a new range.

Miss Fortune is available on Men’s, Women’s and Kids Tee’s.
Space Unicorn is available on Men’s, Women’s and Kids Tee’s as well as on pillow cases and tote bags.

I created a Space Unicorn card for my friend Step’s birthday, the theme of the party was (German, Glitter, Sparkle, Unicorn, Party) so I think I represented the theme well with the card and from that inspired a new design for The Club!

Steph’s Present (I spy my Handy Drawstring bag as well as some really cool colour melting candles from Third Draw Down)

View the new range here

Handy Drawstring Bags!


It’s been a long time coming but they are finally FINITO! What’s finally finito you might ask? Well let me tell you.

Over the past two months I have been working on my very first stencil cut silk screen prints, that I have now transferred on to a collection of drawstring bags. Screen printing is an amazingly fun and fulfilling art form that you just cant get enough of! It’s true, I’m already planning my next project.

I was a bit hesitant at first, thinking I could print a large amount of fabric and only having one printing lesson at Harvest Workroom last year but I thought why not you will either succeed or fail and thank god I didn’t fail! Many people say that screen printing is a messy job but I found it very easy to get a hold of, not saying I didn’t drop some ink where it wasn’t supposed to go. (it just adds character)

The photos above are from the process of start to finish, I have created two bags one that is of primary colours and the other shades of blue, I have totally fallen in love with them and can not wait to start selling them to some soon to be very cool people. (because they have a really cool bag)

I have to say a big thank you to my friend Kaela Fenech who helped me sew all these lovelys together and without her they probably wouldn’t look too good.

Brisbane City Hall, Activity Booklet


I am super happy to be finally posting some photos of the work I took part in whilst working with Studio Pounce. This Particular project was amazing to land on my desk as illustration is one of my passions and I love to create enjoyable images!

Above is a children’s activity booklet that I illustrated for Brisbane City Hall that includes fun drawing, puzzles, solving and building activities (who doesn’t want to make a miniature building) I know I did!

Over all I am really happy with this project and am just thrilled knowing this is being used by kids when they visit the city hall.

Busty Ladies, Gocco print


Well hello there Mr Gocco your back!

It has been a few months since I last tried my hand at making a gocco print, I have been dabbling away in my sketch books until I found something worthy of the amazing machine. I have recently been drawing a bunch of mystic out of this world people for a fingerboard commission that is pretty awesome! And I envisioned for some unknown reason all of the drawings of random heads as statues or (busts).

The process of gocco still makes me happy, its just a really fun and simple way of making a large amount or small amount like in this case of prints. This time round I decided to use black and silver ink to give a slight marbled effect and then used copic markers to colour the insides, just something a little more hands on and different.

The print I have created is called “Busty Ladies” limited edition of 15 prints and I will be selling these gorgeous babes on ‘The Handy Studio Shop’ with some of my other works, so take a look maybe even grab one for yourself?

Busty Ladies, Gocco Print
210x148mm (A5) 
4 Colour, 330gsm stock.


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